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Eastwood Hills Elementary Welcomes a Book Vending Machine

Eastwood Hills Elementary Welcomes a Book Vending Machine

Let's give it up to the February district Ray of Hope honorees, the Eastwood Hills Elementary PTA!

The Eastwood Hills PTA group is made up of music teacher Jake Adamson, fourth grade teacher Amber Nieznajko, and parents Clay and Candice Taylor.

The group has been hard at work for the past two years raising funds for the purchase of a school vending machine. Not just any vending machine – a book vending machine! The PTA group worked alongside their school community to plan, organize, and host two fundraisers, which included a readathon and fun run last year. Funds from those fundraisers were used to purchase the vending machine.

In its little time at the school, the book vending machine has already made a difference in the academic success of students as it serves as an incentive for them. As part of the school-wide positive behavior supports, for example, students who move up reading levels, and those that receive and save up Junior J Bucks, can get a token to purchase a book from the vending machine.

What an amazing way to continue to cultivate a life-long love for reading in students! View the Ray of Hope recognition by clicking here.

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